Real Estate Mediation

In buying, selling or leasing real estate, people typically focus on the property itself. However, real estate transactions, like any other transaction, involve people: buyers, sellers, renters, real estate brokers and leasing agents. The interactions of the people involved in a real estate transaction can help it succeed or make it fall apart.

When a conflict threatens to derail a real estate transaction, Phyllis Pollack, President of PGP Mediation in Los Angeles, California, provides real estate mediation services to help parties avoid the time, expense and uncertainty of litigation.

Greater Southern California-Area Real Estate Dispute Mediation

PGP Mediation provides real estate mediation for conflicts related to a wide variety of real estate issues, including:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Encroachment
  • Easements
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Inheritance of real estate

Before developing her mediation practice in 2000, Phyllis spent 34 years as a practicing attorney. That background gives her the legal knowledge necessary to guide clients through conversations with a focus on relevant issues. Her background has also given her an appreciation for how beneficial mediation can be, allowing the clients to find creative solutions that work for their unique circumstances.

Phyllis’s approach to mediation is facilitative at its core, but she is also proactive and involved. She helps clients make progress by asking straightforward questions that uncover parties’ interests, rather than dwelling on their arguments. Throughout the entire process, Phyllis provides unbiased assistance, encouraging parties to be honest and realistic.

It is no accident . . .

that Phyllis is one of the most sought after and highly regarded mediators in Southern California. Could you use her help?

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