Wage and Hour Mediation

With the sluggish economy, many people have struggled to make ends meet. These financial struggles are even more frustrating when people believe that they should be bringing home more money for the time they are putting in at work. Phyllis Pollack, President of PGP Mediation in Los Angeles, California, provides employment mediation services that help individuals and businesses work through complex wage and hour disputes.

Greater Southern California-Area Employment Dispute Mediation | Wage And Hour Conflicts

Wage and hour mediation can help parties work through a variety of disputes, including those involving:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Poor record keeping
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Meal and rest breaks

In California, overtime is calculated by the day and not by the week, like it is in many other parts of the country. That means that even if employees do not work over 40 hours in a week, they may be entitled to overtime for working more than eight hours in one day. In addition, there are regulations governing which employees can be paid a fixed salary and which need to be paid by the hour, affecting their eligibility for overtime.

Experienced Greater Southern California-Area Wage And Hour Mediator

Disputes regarding issues like these can be critical to both the employee’s personal finances and the viability of small businesses. With more than 34 years of experience, Phyllis has the legal knowledge necessary to keep parties focused on relevant facts and factors, while also encouraging them to be realistic about their requests.

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