Trademark and Copyright Mediation

For businesses or entrepreneurs to succeed, the innovations, creativity and distinct identities they were built on must be protected. Phyllis Pollack, President of PGP Mediation in Los Angeles, California, provides mediation services for issues surrounding the protection of intellectual property, including trademark and copyright mediation.

Greater Southern California Intellectual Property Mediator

Trademarks, copyrights and patents allow people to protect the work they have invested their time and energy into creating. However, it is often difficult to distinguish between the rights that are protected and the creative freedom others have to design similar objects in competitive industries.

When intellectual property disputes arise, many people turn to litigation to resolve conflicts and protect their rights. However, litigation can be a protracted process and often involves wasting resources that could be better spent in other areas. Mediation provides an alternative, allowing parties to come together with a neutral, third-party mediator to work through disputes and find mutually beneficial solutions.

After more than 34 years as a practicing attorney, Phyllis Pollack understands the legal aspects of intellectual property disputes. She also understands how beneficial solutions tailored to the needs of the parties can be and how rare it is to get these creative approaches handed down by a judge or arbitrator. When parties, who know their needs and industries better than anyone, are given the flexibility to create viable solutions, both parties often walk away more satisfied.

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