4 11, 2016

A Different Form of Implicit Bias

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Once again, The Economist published an interesting study on “why posh people spend less time noticing others.” In an article entitled “Your Class determines how you look [sic] your fellow creatures” in the science and technology section of the October 11, 2016 issue, the unnamed author recounts the experiments of Dr. Pia Dietz and Dr. [...]

8 08, 2014

Is It Random or is it A Streak?

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Some weeks, I am able to settle each matter that I mediate while other weeks, I am unable to settle even one. Like everyone else, I think in terms of "streaks"; that is, I am on a good "streak" or a bad "streak".An article in the June 26, 2014 edition of The New York Times [...]

23 08, 2013

The “Too Attractive” Bias

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On Sunday, October 13, 2013, I will be participating in a panel presentation entitled, "Ethical Duties of Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession" as part of the California State Bar's Eighty Sixth Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. The focus of our discussion will be hidden/implicit biases- those biases that exist within us, subconsciously, if [...]

21 06, 2013

Bias: The Fat Lady is Guilty!

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Recently, I came across a study on bias against fat ladies. Researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that a "significant bias" exists "...against female [obese] defendants in the courtroom...."("Huffington Post")The researchers created a mock jury trial using 471 participants of various weights. Each was then shown a "vignette describing [...]

20 09, 2012

Anchoring and Fairness

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Two weeks ago, I posted a blog about "cognitive bias". As explained on, "a cognitive bias is any of a wide range of observer effects identified in cognitive science and social psychology...that are common to all human beings." I recently conducted a mediation in which I saw one of these biases at work: "anchoring". [...]

6 07, 2012

Appearances Do Count!

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The other day, I conducted a mediation that lasted awhile which gave me the opportunity to converse with plaintiff's counsel and to get to know her a little bit. As this was my first mediation with her, I wanted to get to know her. In the course of our chatting, she told me about the [...]

27 01, 2012


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The January 2012 issue of the California Lawyer contains an article about tattoos in court. As the blurb intrigued me, I read the article, entitled "Tattoos as Evidence" by Ryan Lozar (pp 37-39) (Tattoos as Evidence ) in which the author discusses the existence of a tattoo on a criminal defendant as potentially biasing a [...]

28 10, 2011

Deciphering Life Via Game Theory

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In its latest Technology Quarterly section, The Economist published an article entitled "Game Theory In Practice" (September 3, 2011) in which it explores using "game theory" to forecast political and economic events and to resolve disputes. It seems that Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, an academic at New York University, has used game theory to accurately [...]