Back To Basics: Why Mediate?

As part of my preparation to teach a class on mediation confidentiality, I reviewed the Uniform Mediation Act with all of its comments (UMA). In doing so, it struck me that although mediation is extremely popular and common place, it would be good to remind ourselves why we should mediate [Read More]

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86,400 Seconds

Last week, I posted a blog about the shortness of our working life and whether we really want to spend it embroiled in litigation. That post reminded me of a much earlier post (dated October 1, 2007) in which I looked at time in terms of seconds in a day [Read More]

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Mediating My Own Disputes

There is  an adage that a person who is her own lawyer, has a fool for a client, meaning that representing yourself is a foolish. Why? You lose perspective,  objectivity and perhaps even credibility. Based on a recent event, it seems that this adage applies to mediators as well: one [Read More]

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Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

Recently, I came across a report from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation entitled “Salary Negotiations”.   (HLS_PON_FR_SalaryNeg_V03_031416_wf  ) While it focuses on negotiating the best salary possible, some of its points are equally applicable to negotiations in general. In one of the articles, the authors make three important points: “(1) [Read More]