The Illusion of Control!

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about the illusion of control, and it struck me how very appropriate it was given the pandemic. The illusion of control  is a tendency we all have to overestimate our ability to control events. Thus, we feel or believe that [Read More]

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The Truth of “Alternative Facts”!

Recently, I posted a blog about “alternative facts.” Since then, I have come upon two more articles discussing why alternative facts, are, indeed, true. It all comes down to who is in charge, sociability and/or to our cognitive biases. In an article entitled “Seeking truth among ‘alternative facts’” by Peter [Read More]

By |March 24th, 2017|News articles|

Is Conflict Like Driving?

Recently, the Kluwer Mediation Blog posted an interesting discussion about the cognitive biases at play during a dispute. What caught my interest is that the author- Charlie Irvine- used the example of driving to make his point. In his blog entitled, “What Mediators Know (Or Can’t Help Noticing) about Conflict"  [Read More]

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Anchoring and Fairness

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog about "cognitive bias". As explained on, "a cognitive bias is any of a wide range of observer effects identified in cognitive science and social psychology...that are common to all human beings." I recently conducted a mediation in which I saw one of [Read More]

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