Reflections on 2022

In my final blog of the last two Decembers, I have reflected on the previous 525,600 minutes aka the year.  Although another 525,600 minutes have elapsed, we are not quite through with the pandemic. If anything, we are facing a tripledemic- Covid-19, the seasonal flu and RSV!! So, perhaps another [Read More]

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Zoom as a Gender Equalizer

Over the last 16 months or so, the world has adapted to life via Zoom. By now, most of us have become experts in its use, be it for meetings, using the share screen function to present power points or other documents, using the polling function et cetera. We became [Read More]

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In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached but not convicted based on statements he made regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. In an interview with Jim Lehrer on “NewsHour”, the following exchange occurred: Jim Lehrer: “No improper relationship”—define what you mean by that. President Bill Clinton: “Well, I think you [Read More]

Trust and Rapport- ODR Style!

One of the most important things a mediator must do- if not the most important- is to build trust and rapport with the parties.  In pre-Covid days, this was a bit easier; the mediator could sit face to face with each party and schmooze. Now, we are reduced to being [Read More]

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Mediations vs Trials

Last week’s mail brought a Los Angeles County Superior Court Jury Summons by which I am ordered to be available in March for civil jury trials at the main civil courthouse in downtown Los Angeles ….in the middle of a pandemic. Needless to say, due to the surge of the [Read More]

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Needs and Interests

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, June 16,1858 Like most of you, I have been paying much attention to the protests by Black Lives Matter in response to the death of George Floyd ; as I write this, the protests have been occurring all over [Read More]