An Implicit Bias with Deadly Consequences!

I was watching Grey's Anatomy the other night when an implicit bias crept into the story. One patient was a black woman in need of a kidney transplant. She explained to her new doctor that she did not qualify for a transplant because her algorithm used to determine qualification for [Read More]

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Implicit Bias is Everywhere!

Recently, I discussed an empirical study conducted by University of Hawaii Professor Justin D. Levinson and Mark Bennett, U. S. District Judge (ret.) on 239 sitting federal and state judges regarding their implicit bias towards "largely favored minority groups" (or the "Model Minority")- Asians Americans and Jews. (Levinson, Justin D., [Read More]

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Implicit Bias in Judging!

Recently, I attended a Zoom presentation sponsored by the American Jewish Committee San Francisco entitled, "Judging Implicit Bias: The Role of Implicit Bias in Judicial Decision-making." Two of the presenters- University of Hawaii Professor Justin D. Levinson and Mark Bennett, U. S. District Judge (ret.) discussed an empirical study they [Read More]

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Implicit Bias in Medicine Strikes Again!

Previously, I have posted blogs about the implicit biases of doctors in treating patients. A recent article in the Science and Technology section of The Economist entitled “Fatal Truths” (April 10, 2021) at p.71-72 notes that this implicit bias also exists in medical devices and treatments. As we are all [Read More]

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“Death by a thousand paper cuts.”

The New York Times on August 1, 2020 published an article on microaggressions in the medical profession. (“For Doctors of Color, Microaggressions Are All Too Familiar” by Emma Goldberg). While the article does focus on doctors of color, it does have broader applicability, to anyone or any group who is [Read More]

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Familiarity Does Not Make it True!

I came across an article the other day discussing a cognitive bias involving “familiarity” or truth vs. fiction. While the article (Seeing is Believing; how media myth busting can actually make false beliefs stronger” by Eryn Newman, Amy Dawel, Madeline Claire Jalbert and Norbert Schwarz posted on The Conversation, May [Read More]

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Left Digit Bias!

Readers of my blog probably realize by now that one of my favorite topics is cognitive biases which “…refer to a range of systematic errors in human decision- making from the tendency to use mental shortcuts. “( “How Common Mental Shortcuts Can Cause Major Physician Errors” by Anupam B. Jena [Read More]

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Implicit Bias: How We Write!

It seems that implicit biases are all around us and are inescapable: they appear even in the language we use in our writing. A study  (“The sex of researchers affects the language of research papers.” ) discussed in the Science and Technology section of the January 9, 2020 edition of [Read More]

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