Thinking outside the Box

My dog Cookie loves to play catch (or more aptly, I throw the ball and she chases it!). Shortly after we got her, one of my neighbors told us that on one side of the Mormon Church (2 blocks away) was a great grassy side yard, more or less fenced [Read More]

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Where is the Settlement Authority?

One of the cardinal rules of mediation is that the person with settlement authority attends the mediation. If not explicitly stated in most state and federal court rules, it is implicit. The reason is obvious: it is difficult to settle when the person with the authority to do so, is [Read More]

By |September 28th, 2012|Court Cases|

An Update To Proposed Mediation Regulation

On August 3, 2012, I posted a blog about Resolution SR-05-01-2012 that was proposed to the California Conference of Bar Associations by Bay Area Lawyers For Individual Freedom. Jo Hoenninger, Esq. is its author. The proposed resolution, if passed by the Conference at California's Annual State Bar Convention would not [Read More]

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Deciphering Life Via Game Theory

In its latest Technology Quarterly section, The Economist published an article entitled "Game Theory In Practice" (September 3, 2011) in which it explores using "game theory" to forecast political and economic events and to resolve disputes. It seems that Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, an academic at New York University, has [Read More]

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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Late last year, I mediated a “family” dispute involving facts that were stranger than fiction. It seems that Jane Jones (fictional name) had a relationship with Joseph Smith (again, a fictional name). They had two children together, although they never married. They, then, went their separate ways. However, Ms. Jones [Read More]

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