Difficult People

In Mediation Ethics: A Practitioner's Guide edited by Omer Shapira (ABA 2021), Bill Eddy contributes chapter 8 entitled "Dealing with Difficult Parties" (pp. 165-185.). Mr. Eddy defines a difficult party as “… someone who demonstrates some or all of the following in the mediation process: exaggerated emotions, adamant directives, attacking [Read More]

Too Many BATNAs

  A few weeks ago, the Harvard PONS blog posted an article outlining research findings that too many BATNAs may not be such a great thing. Entitled Negotiation Research: When Many BATNAs Are Worse than One by the PONS staff on July 22, 2021, it discusses a study by Michael [Read More]

Imbalance of Power!

Implicit in every negotiation is the question of who holds the power?   “Power” is the “… respective abilit[y] of each person in the relationship to influence each other and to direct the relationship.” (bigthink.com) This balance of power does not remain in the same person throughout the negotiation. It will [Read More]


In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached but not convicted based on statements he made regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. In an interview with Jim Lehrer on “NewsHour”, the following exchange occurred: Jim Lehrer: “No improper relationship”—define what you mean by that. President Bill Clinton: “Well, I think you [Read More]

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