In a recent post, I discussed having a hypothetical “difficult” conversation with two relatives who ignored my husband and me at a family gathering. I assumed that we had offended them in some way rather than they simply disliking us on general principles. One of the last points I made [Read More]

The Consequences of Not Listening!

Last week, I posted a blog about an article in the New York Times discussing the lost art of active listening. (“Are You Listening?”). It seems that my blog post was very timely because NPR just published an article on the loneliness of Americans. (“Most Americans Are Lonely, And Our [Read More]

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Context Matters

Recently, I attended a training on cross cultural communication presented by Jason Harper as part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association training for mediators. During the presentation, Mr. Harper discussed “low-context” and “high -context” communications in terms of relationships vs rights. But first, some definitions: The concepts of high [Read More]

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To Build Rapport- Laugh Together!

Well- we missed it! March 20 was International Day of Happiness. Evidently, it was created by a United Nations Resolution passed at its 118th plenary meeting on June 28, 2012, declaring March 20th of each year to be the holiday. As one might guess, the resolution was promoted by the [Read More]

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Restorative Justice

Over the past few years, I have heard the term "restorative justice" but never quite understood what it encompassed. Recently, I was directed to a concise explanation; an easy to read 65 page book entitled The Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr (Good Books 2002). ( The Little [Read More]