Implicit Bias in Judging!

Recently, I attended a Zoom presentation sponsored by the American Jewish Committee San Francisco entitled, "Judging Implicit Bias: The Role of Implicit Bias in Judicial Decision-making." Two of the presenters- University of Hawaii Professor Justin D. Levinson and Mark Bennett, U. S. District Judge (ret.) discussed an empirical study they [Read More]

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We have all read and/or heard about studies showing that witnesses more often than not misidentify a suspect in a criminal matter. Now, a recent study reveals that we also misremember our whereabouts at a particular time. Entitled "Where were you on Thursday the 15th?" in The Economist, June 5th, [Read More]

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Noise Is Not Just Noise!

In a recent post, I discussed the distinction between "noise" and "bias" as noted in the new book, Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment (Hachette Book Group, New York 2021)  by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony, and Cass R. Sunstein.   Although somewhat intense reading, I managed to finish it and realized [Read More]

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It’s Tough Being a Woman!

Two recent studies discussed in Katie Shonk's Harvard PONS blog Challenges Facing Women Negotiators (June 1, 2021) confirm what I have long suspected: it is tough being a woman negotiator. Or more bluntly, any given negotiation scenario is biased against women when men are involved. ("Blog") The first study by [Read More]

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“Tripping Over the Truth”

  I recently finished reading The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (Simon &Schuster, New York 2017) for an upcoming book club discussion. The authors note that we spend the bulk of our lives living forgettable moments. Yet, every once in a while, we have a moment [Read More]

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“Noise” is not Bias!

I learned a new term recently: noise. Not “noise” as in a room full of people talking loudly, but “noise” as opposed to “bias”.  Whereas “bias” is defined as errors in judgement, “noise” is defined as “the random errors that create decision risk and uncertainty.” ( Noise Versus Bias- We [Read More]

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Implicit Bias in Medicine Strikes Again!

Previously, I have posted blogs about the implicit biases of doctors in treating patients. A recent article in the Science and Technology section of The Economist entitled “Fatal Truths” (April 10, 2021) at p.71-72 notes that this implicit bias also exists in medical devices and treatments. As we are all [Read More]

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Rethinking How We Dress!

On days that I had a mediation prior to Covid 19, I would dress the part. I would wear a pantsuit with very comfortable shoes for all the walking that I would end up doing by going back and forth between the different conference rooms. Now, during the pandemic, all [Read More]

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