BATNAs and Anchors

We are all taught that before entering into any negotiation, we should give some thought to what our best alternative is if we do not settle (that is, our Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or BATNA.)  And along these lines, we have learned that if we have a really [Read More]

Too Many BATNAs

  A few weeks ago, the Harvard PONS blog posted an article outlining research findings that too many BATNAs may not be such a great thing. Entitled Negotiation Research: When Many BATNAs Are Worse than One by the PONS staff on July 22, 2021, it discusses a study by Michael [Read More]

Imbalance of Power!

Implicit in every negotiation is the question of who holds the power?   “Power” is the “… respective abilit[y] of each person in the relationship to influence each other and to direct the relationship.” ( This balance of power does not remain in the same person throughout the negotiation. It will [Read More]

Negotiation Strategy 101!

  I recently read a blog post entitled, How To Make Decisions Like a Leader in 2019 appearing on the Leadership Freak website.  While the article talks in terms of making decisions as a leader, its strategies apply equally well to any negotiation. For example, first and foremost, the author [Read More]

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Extreme Negotiations

Although I have taken many many hours of training about negotiation, none of them has really involved what we witnessed during the Presidential election: extreme negotiations. In essence, both Mrs. Clinton and president-elect Trump were engaging in extreme negotiations with the American public in the hopes of becoming the 45th [Read More]

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Negotiating when there is no BATNA!

Recently, I conducted a mediation in a matter which probably should never have been filed as a lawsuit; the economics simply were not there. Realistically, plaintiff could not have a Better Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); every scenario would have been more costly no matter what the amount of [Read More]

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