7 06, 2019

Mandatory but Not Jurisdictional!

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 In sum, a rule may be mandatory without being jurisdictional, and Title VII’s charge filing requirement fits that bill. Fort Bend County, Texas v. Davis, U.S.S.CT. Case No. 18-525, (June 3, 2019) Slip Opinion at 11. Lois M. Davis worked for Ford Bend County, Texas in its information technology department. In 2010, she complained that [...]

4 06, 2019

U. S. Supreme Court holds filing claim with EEOC/ State agency is not jurisdictional

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NEWS FLASH !!!! Bloomburg news just published an article stating that the U. S. Supreme Court has held in  Fort Bend County, Texas v Davis  (Case no. 18-525)   that the filing a claim of  bias with either the EEOC or the applicable state agency prior to filing suit is NOT jurisdictional. Thus, an employer can [...]