13 05, 2016

Who is a “Mediator”?

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A few weeks ago, some rulings of the Honorable Holly E. Kendig, Judge of Los Angeles County Superior Court, made the headlines in the local legal newspapers. Those rulings which among other things dismissed the case, were predicated on an earlier ruling which answered the question, “who is a mediator” and discussed mediation confidentiality. ( 2015-06-24-Ruling-on-Plaintiff_s-Motion-to-Compel-Further-Responses-to-I... ) At issue [...]

23 03, 2012

Even Chimpanzees Use Conflict Resolution

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A recent study found that even chimpanzees use conflict resolution in the form of policing (i.e., arbitration/mediation) to resolve their disputes and/or to prevent them in the first place. Further, like humans, they look to those with status or high rank, to resolve the erupting conflict. Perusing Google news, I stumbled upon an article in [...]