16 08, 2019

It Is All About Trust!

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The one thing I love about being a mediator is that it constantly brings new challenges and new insights into people. A recent mediation is no exception. In that mediation, for the first time, defense counsel advised that her client wished to proceed to trial because it believed that the alleged defect was not caused [...]

24 10, 2014

Skipping the Small Talk?

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In previous blogs, I have discussed the importance of "small talk" as a way to not only get to know people but to build rapport and trust. A key to helping parties settle their dispute is having a relationship with them and that relationship depends on trust. A party is NOT going to pay attention [...]

23 08, 2013

The “Too Attractive” Bias

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On Sunday, October 13, 2013, I will be participating in a panel presentation entitled, "Ethical Duties of Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession" as part of the California State Bar's Eighty Sixth Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. The focus of our discussion will be hidden/implicit biases- those biases that exist within us, subconsciously, if [...]

24 08, 2012

What is Really Going On?

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The Harvard Law School Program On Negotiation issued a Special Report entitled "Crisis Communication! How to Avoid Being Held Hostage by Crisis Negotiations". (Crisis Communication ) While I am not a "crisis" negotiator per se although some of my litigation mediations may seem like it at times, this Special Report has some tips that are [...]