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18 08, 2017

Commenting on Tentative Recommendation

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On June 22, 2017, the California Law Revision Commission issued its Tentative Recommendation following its study to create an exception to mediation confidentiality (Study K-402). All public comments should be received by the Commission no later than September 1, 2017. The CLRC just issued its Agenda for its September 28, 2017 meeting at the State [...]

2 06, 2017

The CLRC’s Almost Final Tentative Recommenation on Mediation Confidentiality

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  On May 30, 2017, Chief Deputy Counsel Barbara Gaal, Esq. posted Memorandum 2017-30 containing most probably the final draft of the Tentative Recommendation of the CLRC on its study to create an exception to mediation confidentiality (Study K-402). While one or two issues remain for discussion at its June 8, 2017 meeting, the Commissioners [...]

8 12, 2016

Exception to Mediation Confidentiality: Moving Forward

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On December 1, 2016, The California Law Revision Commission (“CLRC”) met once again to discuss its Study K-402-Relationship Between Mediation Confidentiality and Attorney Malpractice and Other Misconduct.   In each of its meetings in and after August 2016, the CLRC decided to create the exception and made other recommendations on this topic. At its last meeting [...]

28 08, 2015

Update on Mediation Confidentiality

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In previous blogs, I have discussed the hullaballoo surrounding the introduction of AB 2025 into the California Legislature. As originally drafted and introduced into the California State Assembly, it provided that mediation confidentiality would not preclude the introduction of “… communications between a client and his or her attorney during mediation… in an action for [...]