Spoiler Alert: Much of the content below is computer generated created not by my brain but by computer “intelligence”!

As a follow up to my blog last week about the use of AI, I decided to try out Chat GPT.  I asked it two questions: (1) Explain how AI can mediate disputes? and the more fundamental question (2) How will AI replace actual mediators in mediating disputes?

The response to the first question made me think that I will be replaced:

AI can mediate disputes by providing a neutral and unbiased perspective to help parties involved in the dispute to reach a resolution. Here are some ways AI can be used to mediate disputes:

  1. Analyzing data: AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data related to the dispute, such as contracts, emails, and social media posts, to identify patterns and potential areas of agreement or disagreement. This can help parties to focus on the most relevant issues and avoid wasting time on irrelevant details.
  2. Recommending solutions: Based on the analysis of data, AI can provide recommendations for possible solutions to the dispute. This can include identifying areas where compromise is possible, proposing alternative options, or suggesting potential trade-offs.
  3. Providing a neutral voice: AI can provide a neutral voice in mediation proceedings, avoiding the potential for human bias or favoritism. It can also help parties to communicate more clearly and objectively, avoiding misunderstandings and emotional reactions that can hinder the mediation process.
  4. Improving efficiency: AI can also improve the efficiency of the mediation process, by automating tasks such as scheduling, document management, and record-keeping. This can save time and reduce costs for all parties involved.
  5. Enhancing transparency: Finally, AI can enhance the transparency of the mediation process by providing a clear and objective record of the proceedings. This can help to build trust between parties and increase the likelihood of a successful resolution.

  After reading this response, I got the sense that my mediator skills might not be needed in the near future.  So, I asked the more fundamental question and found out that the human touch is irreplaceable:

While AI technology can assist in various aspects of mediation, such as data analysis and communication, it is unlikely that AI will fully replace actual mediators in mediating disputes. Mediation involves complex human interactions that require empathy, creativity, and flexibility, which are not currently replicable by AI systems.

Mediators bring a unique skill set to the mediation process, such as active listening, asking open-ended questions, and helping parties identify their underlying interests and needs. They also facilitate communication and help parties generate options for resolution.

While AI can assist in certain aspects of mediation, such as data analysis and communication, it cannot replace the human touch. For example, AI could potentially assist in identifying patterns of behavior or language that could signal a breakdown in communication or the need for a shift in approach. AI could also help parties generate options for resolution based on data analysis of similar cases. However, the final decision-making and resolution process still requires human judgment and input.

In summary, while AI can be a useful tool in mediation, it is unlikely to fully replace human mediators in the foreseeable future. The unique human skills and abilities that mediators bring to the process are difficult to replicate with current AI technology.

Wow! For now, my job is saved!

But seriously, AI is very much a thing of the present and will be used more and more in various aspects of our lives. As Chat GPT noted, while it cannot entirely replace a human mediator because the personal touch and judgment will always be needed, it is capable of taking over some of the tasks performed by the mediator. I am not sure I am comfortable with that thought!

… Just something to think about.


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