WOW! What a lot of laws!

Once again, the California Legislature was hard at work in 2016 passing 893 laws, most of which went into effect on New Year’s Day, 2017. While most of them are probably relevant addressing critical issues, there are a few that provide wonderment, invoking the question, “why?” and “what is the [Read More]

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The California Legislature at Work- 2015

(Spoiler alert:  Today's blog has nothing to do with mediation!) Once again, the California Legislature was hard at work. They passed 807 laws. As in past years, some are good while others make one wonder about the motivation behind them. Below is a synopsis of some of them. All of them [Read More]

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The Good, the Interesting and the Modern

It is Friday afternoon, and I am bored. Being desperate, I decided to review the Daily Journal's supplement of "New California Laws for 2014." Not only did I manage to stay awake throughout the entire 70 pages, I actually found some interesting laws. (All quotations and page references below are [Read More]

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