Difficult People

In Mediation Ethics: A Practitioner's Guide edited by Omer Shapira (ABA 2021), Bill Eddy contributes chapter 8 entitled "Dealing with Difficult Parties" (pp. 165-185.). Mr. Eddy defines a difficult party as “… someone who demonstrates some or all of the following in the mediation process: exaggerated emotions, adamant directives, attacking [Read More]

Negotiating with Difficult People

  When confronted with a difficult person in any type of negotiation, the default position may seem to be “tit for tat”; if the other person is difficult, then you become more difficult in an attempt to out dominate the other (and potentially dominating) person. But a recent blog post [Read More]

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“Difficult” People

In June 2011, I wrote a blog entitled The "Right" Brain discussing how to mediate disputes with high conflict people aka "difficult" people. The other weekend, I attended the California State Bar Convention. There, my colleague Steve G. Mehta Esq. presented a seminar entitled "Dealing with Difficult Clients and Opposing [Read More]

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