Chalking: Next Stop–U. S. Supreme Court?

On three occasions in the past, I have written about a case in Saginaw, Michigan in which the issue was whether chalking tires on parked vehicles violated the Fourth Amendment’s unreasonable search provision. (See, May 10, 2019; September 10, 2021 and August 19, 2022.) In that case, Taylor vs City [Read More]

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A dollar for Chalking

A Dollar for Chalking! In May 2019, I posted a blog about a plaintiff who challenged a parking ticket on the grounds that chalking her tires by the parking police in the City of Saginaw, Michigan (“City”)  violated her Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches as the City neither had [Read More]

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Parking Tickets and the Fourth Amendment!

There is one thing about lawyers: they can be very creative. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion  in late April that, while having absolutely nothing to with mediation except to encourage brainstorming and “out of the box” thinking, is worth noting. So- spoiler alert- this blog has [Read More]

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