When To Drop Your Anchor!

No, I am not talking about sailing, but about a cognitive bias known as anchoring. “Cognitive bias” is defined as “…a systematic error in thinking that occurs when people are processing and interpreting information in the world around them and affects the decisions and judgments that they make.” (https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-a-cognitive-bias-2794963) “Anchoring“ [Read More]

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Negotiating By Email!

Thanks to the pandemic, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) seems to be the ONLY way to resolve conflicts these days. The notion of an in-person mediation is just not safe. While most folks read “ODR” to reference video conferencing, it does also include e mail and all other forms of asynchronous [Read More]

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Is Now A Good Time to Mediate?

An unknown author on the Harvard Negotiation PON Blog staff posted a blog on April 9, 2020 entitled “How Mood Affects Negotiators” which discusses “What …social psychologists [are] learning about the connections among emotions, negotiators and decision making.” (Id.) The blog post notes that researcher Jennifer S. Lerner of the [Read More]

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Preparing People to Be Influenced!

One Sunday (October 23, 2016), I was glancing through the Los Angeles Times and came upon an article by Robert Cialdini, a behavioral scientist and author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion published more than thirty years ago. He has published a new book entitled, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to [Read More]

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Are you a Nervous Negotiator?

Do you have sweaty palms and a churning stomach whenever you have to negotiate something? Or, are you as cool as a cucumber during such events. A recent study indicates that your nervousness or lack of it affects the outcome of your negotiations.A blog by Katie Shonk posted on October [Read More]

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