The Slippery Slope

At one point or another in our lives, most of us have told “little white lies” if only to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. In telling that “little white lie”, we tell ourselves it is harmless and it will lead to nothing, and definitely, will NOT lead us to tell “bigger [Read More]

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The Subtleties of Memory

All disputes are premised on what occurred in the past with the view of resolving them by looking forward. We are often told not to "dwell on the past" but to "look forward" in trying to figure out how to resolve the issues.Thus, all disputes involve our memories. And... as [Read More]

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Neuroscience in Real Life

In early August, my mother turned 97 years old. Unfortunately, this wonderful event was accompanied by a sad one; my siblings and I moved our mother from an assisted living facility to a dementia unit. Recently, I attended a mediator training session put on by the U.S. District Court - [Read More]

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