The Mediator as a Choice Architect.

One of the most important aspects of mediation is self-determination. Standard 1 of the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediation is entitled "Self-Determination." It provides that a mediator shall conduct a mediation based on self-determination which it defines as the "act of coming to a voluntary uncoerced decision in which [Read More]

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The Non-Mediation Mediation

In 2005, the American Bar Association together with other organizations, adopted the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators. Standard 1  entitled “Self Determination”  defines it as … the act of coming to a voluntary, uncoerced decision in which each party makes free and informed choices as to process and outcome. [Read More]

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"Multi-tasking" took on a whole new meaning for me the other day when I conducted two mediations simultaneously, i.e. at the same time! Sounds strange, doesn't it? It came about at the last minute. I already had one scheduled for the morning. During the previous afternoon, defense counsel telephoned to [Read More]

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