Why Come To Mediation?

It happened again.  A mediation that went nowhere fast when the defendant attended mediation “because” it was court-ordered. And… defendant offered zero in settlement. It was a property damage case. Plaintiff alleged her vehicle was side swiped while parked on the street overnight.  The automobile insurance company had an “expert” [Read More]

Where is the Settlement Authority?

One of the cardinal rules of mediation is that the person with settlement authority attends the mediation. If not explicitly stated in most state and federal court rules, it is implicit. The reason is obvious: it is difficult to settle when the person with the authority to do so, is [Read More]

By |September 28th, 2012|Court Cases|

Settlement Authority

Routinely, most local rules of court require that persons with the ultimate authority to settle a matter be physically present at a court settlement conference or mediation. While it does not take much thought to understand the rationale behind this requirement, it may take a bit more thought to appreciate [Read More]

By |November 11th, 2011|Actual Mediations|
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